About the Author

DAVID TOPUS is a mega-connector, opportunity builder, and internationally recognized business communications innovator, trainer, and thought leader. He has conceived, developed, and marketed millions of dollars worth of intellectual content for some of the most influential Fortune 500 corporations in the world.

Over the years David has built his million-dollar consulting practice through the people he has met and the contacts he has made in unplanned meetings. As president of TOPUS, he has helped dozens of companies, thousands of salespeople, and hundreds of senior executives define and articulate their value propositions more effectively. Today, companies, associations, and individuals seek his expertise across the country and around the world.

From the introduction of Talk to Strangers, “You might call me a consummate networker in today’s language. However I do this for a much more important reason than that. I do this because it transforms my everyday world into one big, untapped opportunity to expand and enrich virtually every aspect of my life, while simultaneously providing value to those I meet in return.”

David Topus