Everyday random encounters really can change lives.

The book Talk to Strangers explains how to tap the potential of people you don’t know by connecting with the person near you on the bank line, in the coffee shop, the hotel lobby, the ticket counter at the airport or any number of venues in which we find ourselves throughout the day.

As more relationships take place online, yet as we crave direct human connection, Talk to Strangers’ relevant and life-changing message is that we should go beyond cyber-connections and engage in the serendipitous, real-life interactions that have unlimited potential to supercharge businesses, accelerate careers, and enrich lives.

In Talk to Strangers, you will discover:

  • How to identify opportunity wherever you go
  • The four key beliefs of successful random connectors
  • Techniques for penetrating the veil of isolation
  • How to present yourself so others want to be associated with you
  • Methods for turning new associations into relationship-rich connections
  • Ways to create comfort and trust quickly
  • Tips for optimizing and monetizing new contacts

The world around you represents unlimited opportunity. In Talk to Strangers, you’ll discover the secrets and techniques for realizing the life-expanding benefits of turning random encounters into mutually profitable relationships.