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January 11th, 2013 by user

As a career-minded professional, you have achieved a notable level of success through your intelligence, skills, hard work, and knowing how to take advantage of opportunity. Perhaps you’ve built a high performing team. Helped your company increase its revenues. Decrease its costs. Improve performance and productivity.

But like most upwardly-mobile professionals, you’re always looking to an even better future. In today’s competitive job market, successful careers don’t just happen, they’re managed. And the key is in being transition-ready. That means having the next opportunity in sight. Having a resume and personal marketing materials that are up-to-date and engaging. And that differentiate you from the competition.

You know what you’re capable of. Others around you know, too. But will your personal marketing materials convey your value proposition and expertise so you can make a smooth, rapid and profitable transition?

With HelpMeSellMe, you get packaged, positioned and presented to ensure your unique value proposition is recognized. And to help you get found and hired. Think of it as detailing for your career. Whether you’re in transition, or want to build a personal brand that keeps you in demand, HelpMeSellMe is where you get shined, polished and buffed. With dynamic resumes that position you. Innovative Biografics that differentiate you. And online profiles that make you easy to find. With HelpMeSellMe, you get the attention you need, the job you want, and the compensation you deserve.

HelpMeSellMe. It’s How You Roll.

The team is led by David Topus, one of the nation’s leading personal branding and career experts. David was the founder of ExecuNet’s Career Services division, and inventor of the game-changing Biographic. Working closely with David is a group of highly trained, certified and experienced personal marketing professionals, including resume writers, job search strategists, career coaches and social media experts.

David Topus


David turns reputations into revenue by taking the mess out of messaging and putting the art in articulation. A veteran expert in value-based communication, he brings a thirty year career of turning reputations into revenue for companies and individuals across the country andaround the world. In addition to running his own sales messaging and readiness firm since 1990, he was the founding general manager of ExecuNet’s Career Services Division, where he built a team of personal marketing content specialists and job search consultants. His early background includes 12 years in advertising and marketing with The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and IDG Communications. He is the author of “Talk to Strangers: How Your Everyday, Random Encounters Can Expand Your Business, Career, Income and Life” (John Wiley, April 2012).  He has an uncanny ability to uncover and convey in engaging and compelling terms an individual’s unique value proposition.

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